Amcor Dehumidifier Problems. Amcor dehumidifier ad12

I need your help figuring out Amcor dehumidifier problems. Amcor dehumidifiers have problems dying after six months to a year.

I need your help figuring out Amcor dehumidifier problems. Amcor dehumidifiers have problems dying after six months to a year. Their fans tend to die after a year of continuous use, anyway, and that s independent of refrigerant leaks. Both of those issues take a professional to fix, whereas a float sensor or bucket I can try to replace myself. What does it take to fix those problems? When the unit has problems, Amcor says you have to pay to ship it to the unit to the factory for repairs. What about warranty repairs? That s for warranty repairs and non-warranty repairs. If I have to pay to ship it for warranty repairs, that rivals the cost of a new, cheaper dehumidifier. Paying for repairs and shipping, I might as well take it to the curb and get a new one. And a lot of problems caused by refrigerant leaks like icing up too much until it stops cooling have to be repaired by a pro, because EPA rules prohibit anyone but appliance repair people and HVAC guys having refrigerant. That s because they do not want people continually adding refrigerant that leaks out, much less accidentally jetting it straight into the atmosphere because you do not know how to do it right. The switch from Freon to other less environmentally damaging refrigerants means they run at higher pressures than the old ones. The coils in ACs and dehumidifiers tend to leak more under pressure and corrode faster. I know it is a problem when air conditioners rust out, and you have to replace the coils. And remember, dehumidifiers are made to sweat and collect the sweat, so to speak, so it is way more likely to have control boards and other components rust. Many Amcor dehumidifiers are designed for small, enclosed spaces like closets. Even the smaller units not intended for use in a nearly flooded basement tend to have control boards fail due to moisture corroding the electronics, as well as other electrical problems and total failures where it won t power on. I never thought I d say this, but at least Amcor dehumidifiers haven t had reported problems with catching fire. That was Kenmore, Frigidaire, Gree, Danby and a few others. One of the greater problems with Amcor dehumidifiers is that the control board malfunctions, such as thinking the bucket is full, and then stops working. Does resetting the control panel fix that? You can try unplugging it, waiting five minutes, and plugging it back in. However, if power cycling the hard way doesn t work, you get almost no help from customer service even if you ship it back. I d rather pay recycling to haul it off and get a new one.